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Chronic Kidney Disease, and Kidney Failure Treatment with Natural Drink

As one of the vital organs of the human body, kidneys play an essential role in filtering waste from the blood, balancing electrolyte, producing red blood cells and regulating blood pressure. In the last two decades, there has been a substantial increase in patients suffering from kidney diseases.

Kidney Disease Causes: About 20 million people in the country were diagnosed with kidney diseases in 2014 alone. There are numerous causes of kidney failureincluding inadequate water supply, diabetes, drug overdose, high blood pressure, urinary tract obstruction, genetics, hyperlipidemia, and age.

People who regularly consume water from rivers and lakes suffer from kidney diseases due to the presence of high mineral contents and heavy metal ions. Industries also dump their waste in water, contributing to the damage. The government should take serious measures to resolve this issue

Patients of diabetes and hypertension are also prone to kidney diseases. In their later stages, degeneration of nephron begins owing to the nephrotoxic effect of glucose. Hypertension increases blood flow, forcing an exertion of blood upon the walls of the blood vessels, which results in bursting capillaries present in kidneys.

The protein then starts passing through urine, multiplying the damage. Hepatitis patients are also vulnerable to the disease as malfunctioning of the liver increases toxic material in the body that may result in kidney failure. Overdose of drugs, such as aminoglycoside, vancomycin, and NAIDS can also cause kidney damage.

Kidney failure is diagnosed through a blood test called BUN that measures the body’s creatinine and glomerular filtration rate. In case of complete kidney failure, the only option available is dialysis or a transplant.

Chronic kidney disease can be prevented by controlling other illnesses. The best way to avoid a kidney failure is to take the following steps to keep blood pressure below 130/90, and in case of diabetes maintain it at a target range. Maintain a healthy weight and control cholesterol level, which can prevent diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases. Avoid tobacco products, especially smoking as it can lead to atherosclerosis, which reduces blood flow to the kidney and increases blood pressure.

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