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How to Lose Belly Fat and Weight with Tukh Malanga / Chia Seeds

Dubai: Are you putting on more weight during Ramadan or becoming leaner? A lot depends on whether you are fasting and feasting the right way, say experts. After fasting for several hours during the day, people are often unable to resist the temptation to binge eat after breaking the fast, and end up gaining weight.

Strike the right balance: Sakina Mustansir, a clinical dietician at Prime Hospital, said: “In anticipation of long hours of fasting, people tend to overeat during Sehri. Ramadan is a time not just to cut back on calories, but about controlling excesses and practicing moderation.”

Mustansir said individuals need to be mindful of striking the right nutritional balance in the meals they have to stay energized, healthy and keep their weight in check. The following Drink Will Help You Lose Belly, Arm, and Leg Fat in 1 Week. Watch the video!

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