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Sony Xperia XZ4 Insane Camera

Are you curious about the camera of Sony xperia XZ4? We have some information and news about upcoming Sony Xperia XZ4 Smartphone.

Sony is working on a new smartphone that will have a 21:9 aspect ratio display. This will be the first time I guess we’re gonna see a smartphone with such a long aspect ratio. If you were wondering the display is gonna be the only wow factor of the device then you are in for a surprise.

This device will also come with the highest megapixel lens that is embedded on a smartphone. According to a new leak, the main lens on the Xperia XZ4 will be of 52MP. There will be three cameras at the back, one is gonna be of a 16MP telephoto lens, the main lens is 52MP with f/1.6 aperture. This means it can take a good amount of light making it a good camera for the low light conditions

Interestingly, the third lens is a time of flight lens. This is a 3D lens capable of capturing 3D images. Also, this lens helps in depth sensing. So those bokeh effects are gonna be smooth as F. The 5G Galaxy S10 will also have this time of flight camera so it’ll be interesting to see how substantial of a change this lens is gonna bring to those portrait photos.

That being said, the 52MP lens will allow Sony to combine multiple pixels into one and produce a detailed image which is close to 10MP count. Of course, this sounds great on paper but a proper implementation with good software processing is key for getting amazing photos. Google is a master in this. They’ve proved that you don’t need multiple cameras to take great photos. So let’s hope this unbelievable setup gets a good software treatment too.

So a list of features of the XZ4 has been leaked as well. It shows specs that you would expect from a 2019 smartphone like Snapdragon 855, 128GB of base storage but there’s one spec that seems too good to be true and it’s the battery size. It says it’ll have a massive 4400mAh battery. Don’t get me wrong it’s completely doable. We’ve seen phones with 5000mAh battery but the reason I’m skeptical about this is that the phone weighs only 191gms and will be 8.2mm thick. And I don’t think it’s possible to cram in such a higher capacity battery in such a thin and light body. But I could be wrong, though and I hope I’m wrong.

This device is turning out to be a game changer for Sony. And for the first time in so many years, I’m really excited about a Sony device. So let’s hope all of the rumors we’re hearing are true and this device delivers.

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